1970s Kitchen & Dining Room Reno-Part 1

The kitchen and dining space needed to be renovated before we could even move in to our 1970s colonial.

The dining room had wall-to-wall shag carpet. It was completely closed off from the rest of the house. There was a door between the dining room and the kitchen. The walls were covered in wallpaper, although it was a light color and is hard to appreciate in the photos. The ceilings through out the space were textured.

img_1252 img_1253 img_1254


The kitchen had a large brick wall with a small fireplace that the original house plans labelled a “steak pit”.  After much debate, we decided that there was no good way to use a fireplace in this location and size in a way that was practical and up to code. We did briefly dream of creating some sort of pizza or bread oven.  Honestly though, with kids zooming around that corner from the family room and the need to install a proper hearth, it would have been awkward at best, bordering on unsafe.  I’ll admit that we still wonder how, if ever, this “steak pit” was put to use!



And, check out that range! We weren’t sure if it actually worked and I didn’t really want to find out! The layout of the fridge next to the oven seemed a little tight too. I’ve certainly seen some amazing painted cabinet makeovers, but these drawers and cabinets were not it great shape. They were barely functioning and not salvageable.


We decided that the kitchen/dining room renovation was our top priority before moving in. Our renovation wish list includes :

  • Removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room
  • Covering up the brick wall and closing off the awkward fireplace/steak pit
  • New cabinetry and appliances
  • A kitchen island
  • Adding doorway from dining room into the family room for better traffic flow
  • Flooring update
  • Smooth ceilings
  • More lighting

I’ll post 1970s Colonial Kitchen/Dining Room Renovation – Part 2 as demo progresses…






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