Framed Fabric Wall Hanging

Our new family room has high ceilings. On one side of the room is our floor to ceiling brick fireplace. The opposite wall is 11 ft high with a large open wall space between the windows. It needed a big and affordable focal point! I’ve always admired fabric wall hangings. My sister-in-law has several in her home that always catch my eye. This seemed like the perfect budget-friendly solution for this space.


I fell in love with a large-scale Marimekko fabric called Kaiku. It’s a gorgeous birch tree print with bright colors. To purchase 1 repeat of the pattern I needed a little under 3 yards for a cost of about $144.  The fabric is available on their website: . Their closest store is in Cambridge, MA which is about an hour from our house. I couldn’t resist going to see the fabric in person which was a treat because they have so many gorgeous fabrics there!! A really fun field-trip if you are in the Boston area.


After reading a few tutorials on-line and getting a few tips from my sister-in-law, it seemed most affordable to build the wood frame instead of purchasing a pre-cut canvas stretching kit on-line (There are tons to choose from on 

At the local lumber yard, I purchase primed, 3′ by 8 ” pieces of wood to build the frame. They kindly cut the pieces to the correct size for me. This was less than $20. At the fabric store I bought a few yards of white curtain liner fabric that’s 54″ wide. (My SIL suggested attaching a fabric layer under the Marimekko fabric to make sure it wasn’t see-through when hung on the wall.) The curtain liner fabric was $15.



Building the frame and attaching the 2 layers of fabric took about an hour. I used an upholstery staple gun for all of it.  I’m not sure why I spent 3 months looking at the Marimekko fabric sitting on my desk before I tackled this project. Seemed a little intimidating I guess!

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