Welcome to our cabin – the view “before”

When we decided to search for a cabin on a lake, we had no idea where to start! We’ve vacationed on a few of the largest lakes in New England over the years that are gorgeous places for families, boating and relaxing. However, lake-front properties on these well known lakes are way out of our price range. Luckily, there are many many beautiful lakes in New England.

We spent months researching options on-line. We compared, lake size, water quality, lake associations, fees, taxes, boating rules, water/sewer availability, distance from home and typical weekend traffic. Not exactly a short list, but, it led to  great discussions about our dreams for this cabin.

Once we narrowed down a few requirements, we started spending weekends on the road visiting a handful of cabins for-sale and driving around with local realtors. Usually, our 3 kiddos were right there with us. We wanted them to be part of the process, even if it slowed our pace a bit. 

On a snowy New England weekend, we fell in love with a small lake-front cabin that was built in the 1970s. It was still owned by the original family who built it and had changed very little over the last 40 years. There was town water (no well), electricity (yeah!) and a real septic tank (translation–>no composting toilet–phew!).  We wanted it to feel like a cabin, but I wasn’t really interested in living “off the grid”. The lake was big enough for motor boating, water skiing, tubing and the things we hoped to do with our kids.


We agreed to buy the cabin “as-is” which meant that the previous owners were not going to make any additional fixes or updates or move anything out of the home before we closed. At the time, agreeing to this seemed like a good way to make our offer more appealing. In reality, it meant that we had to remove a dozen 40 year-old musty mattresses from the property and haul out 2 truck-loads of their old stuff!

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Every room in the cabin needed love and attention, but we were still over-the-moon excited to jump in to this exciting chapter and start spending weekends at the lake as a family! The view of the water and our dreams kept us motivated.


I’ll be sharing more cabin pictures and updates in the coming weeks.


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